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July 24, 2014Volume 14 Issue No 7

Grant Degginger, Chair
Katrina Asay, Vice Chair
Amit Ranade, Member
Kathy Turner, Member


The Commission dismissed allegations that the District and Municipal Court Judge’s Association (DMCJA); Sam Meyer; Brett Buckley; and Thurston County failed to disclose lobbying activities.

In a citizen action letter filed with the Attorney General and Thurston County Prosecutor in May 2014, Arthur West alleged that Thurston County District Court Judges Meyer and Buckley lobbied on behalf of the District Court Judges Association during the 2012 and 2013 legislative sessions without disclosing their activities.  The Attorney General referred the allegations to the PDC for investigation.

PDC staff investigated the allegations and found that the District Court Judges Association properly disclosed its lobbying activities in 2012 and 2013 and that Judges Meyer and Buckley did not have a disclosure requirement.

The Commission will notify the Attorney General and Thurston County Prosecutor that it has dismissed the allegations and recommend that neither take further enforcement action.

Rule Making

    Inflationary Adjustments to Personal Financial Affairs Statement    (F-1) dollar amounts.

Rule making for inflationary adjustments to the personal financial disclosure dollar amounts and Codes A – E dollar ranges continued and the Commission approved draft language to adjust corresponding dollar amounts in WACs 390-20-110 Forms for lobbyist employers (PDC Form L-3) and 390-16-071 Mjaor Contributors and people making independent expenditures (PDC Form C-7).  The Commission also reviewed draft language approved in 2012 to convert Interpretation 91-01 to rule.  The interpretation defines “officer” as it relates to the F-1.  A public hearing will be scheduled for the September meeting to consider adopting the inflationary adjustments and definition of “officer.” 

Lobbying Disclosure – Alternative Method for Reporting Receptions.

The Commission resumed discussing alternative methods for disclosing legislation receptions.  The discussion and stakeholdlers’ comments focused on what would qualify as a “reception,” such as invitation, attendance, and location requirements.  The discussion will continue at a future meeting.

Advisory Matters

A draft interpretation regarding campaign loans was reviewed.  The Commission directed staff to revise the portion that covers corrections when loans are mistakenly reported as contributions for which repayment is not expected.  The Commission will likely adopt the revised draft at its September 2014 meeting.

Filer Requests

The Commission granted new Personal Financial Statement (F-1) reporting modifications that exempt:

  •  Ray Lutes, District Court Judge, Asotin County, from disclosing his personal residential address information on his F-1 report for 2013. A retroactive exemption was also granted that relieves him from disclosing real estate, including street address, parcel number, or legal description, for property previously listed on F-1 and F-1A reports for calendar years 2003 to 2012.
  •   Wm. Allan White, Commissioner, Grant County Hospital District 1, from disclosing the business customers that paid $10,000 or more to Western Polymer Corporation during the 12 months prior to his appointment, as well as during calendar years 2010 to 2013.
  •   John Hein, Director, Cle Elum/Roselyn School District from disclosing the business customers that paid $10,000 or more to Shoemaker Manufacturing during the 12 months prior to his becoming a candidate, as well as calendar year 2013,.
  •  Gretchen Adams, Trustee, Tacoma Community College from disclosing the business customers that paid $10,000 or more to Systems Consulting, LLC during the 12 months prior to her appointment, as well as calendar year 2013.
  •  Raymond Lawton, Member, Student Achievement Council, from disclosing the business customers that paid $10,000 or more to Rumpeltes & Lawton, LLC during the 12 months prior to his appointment, as well as calendar years 2012 and 2013.
  • Judith Hightower, Municipal Court Judge, City of Seattle, from disclosing her personal address and identifying information for her residence on her F-1 report for calendar years 1997 to 2013.  The Commission denied Judge Hightower’s request to not disclose financial information of her spouse, Lamar Mills, Jr., on her F-1 report for 2013.

The Commission renewed, with no change, a Personal Financial Statement (F-1) reporting modification for:

  • Steven O’Ban, State Senator, 28th Legislative District

The Commission meeting materials can be found at www.pdc.wa.gov under Commission Meetings. For additional information concerning these issues contact Lori Anderson, Communications & Training Officer, at (360) 664-2737, toll free 1-877-601-2828 or e-mail at landerson@pdc.wa.gov.

The next regular meeting of the Public Disclosure Commission is tentatively scheduled for August 21, 2014.