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Basic Filing Requirements for Elected & Appointed Officials

According to the disclosure law,  elected officials currently in office, elected officials who left office during the preceding calendar year, state appointed officials, officials appointed to fill vacancy in an elective or state appointive office, and some professional staff are required to file an F-1 report.

Please review,
Executive State Officers List & Professional Staff
For assistance call toll free at:

F-1's are due April 15:

Who files?

  • State & county elected officials
  • Elected officials in local jurisdictions with 1,000 or more registered voters
  • Select state agency officials list
A complete F1 must be filed once every four consecutive years.  Businesses interests are disclosed on the F-1 Supplement when the full F-1 is filled.  The F1-A may be filed in the other three years.;

Only one F-1 is required to be filed each year.

Personal Financial Affairs Statement - Instruction Manual

Are You Required To File a
Personal Financial Affair Statement?

Are you an appointed or elected official?
  1. for a federal office;
  2. in a town or jurisdiction that had fewer than 1,000 registered voters as of the last general election;
  3. for precinct committee officer; or for an office in a district where voters must own property  or have other special qualifications (e.g., irrigation, diking, or flood control)?
   YES >          No F-1 required.

Are you?
  1. an elected or appointed official for a state office;
  2. an elected or appointed official in a town or taxing district that had 1,000 or more registered voters as of the last general election (check with the PDC);
  3. an appointed official to one of the agencies linked here?
    NO >          No F-1 required.

File a financial affairs statement (Form F1).

*Elected officials must file between January 1 and April 15
during the year they hold office.

Appointees must file within two weeks of being appointed.