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Electronic Filing Option for Elected and Appointed Officials

These filing options will help officials meet their reporting requirements to file electronically.

Account Login: For F-1's
If you are not currently enrolled with our online service, you'll need to create a user account.

F1 Personal Financial Affairs Statement Login
This form is used to report sources of income, real estate transactions, bank accounts, stocks, debts owed, business holdings and business customers.
Due Date: Within 2 weeks of becoming a candidate or being newly appointed. Incumbent elected and appointed officials report annually between January 1 - April 15.

F1 Personal Financial Affairs Supplement Page Login
Identifies relationships with businesses, associations, or other entities and state-level lobbying activity. Incumbent elected and appointed officials also disclose receipt of food, travel, and education payments from anyone outside of their agency.  
Due Date: File with F-1 and F-1A.