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Did you spend $5,000 or more?
Candidates that spent $5,000 or more on the last campaign for the same office or expect to expend $5,000 on the current campaign are required to file campaign finance reports (C3 and C4) electronically. PDC staff provides free electronic filing software and training to all candidates.

Blank Forms


    L-1 Lobbyist Registration
    L-1 Lobbyist ID Page
    L-2 Lobbyist Expense Report
    L-2 Memo Report
    L-3 Lobbyist Employer's Report
    L-3c Special Contributions Report
    L-5 Lobbying by State and Local Government Agencies
    L-6 Grass Roots Lobbying
    L-7 Employers of State Legislators, State Officers or State Employees
    Help File For Lobbyist Templates
  Campaign Finance
    C-1 Candidate Registration  
  C-1pc Political Committee Registration
    C-3 Cash Receipts
    C-3 Cash Receipts (Continuation Sheet)
    Au Attachment Auction Report
    C-4 Summary, Full Report
    C-5 Out of State Committee Contribution to Washington Candidates or Committees
C-6 Independent Expenditures and Electioneering Communications
    Schedule A Cash Receipts and Expenditure
    Schedule A Cash Receipts and Expenditure (Continuation Sheet)
    Schedule B In Kind Contributions, Pledges, Orders, Debts, Obligations
    Schedule C Corrections
    Schedule E Earmarked Contributions
    Schedule L Loans
     Help File For Campaign Registration Templates
  Personal Financial Affairs Statements
    F-1 Personal Financial Affairs Statement
    F-1A Personal Financial Affairs Statement Short Form
    Personal Financial Affairs Supplement Page
    Help File For Personal Financial Affairs
    F-1 Modification Application (Template)

  Last Minute Contributions of $1000 or more        
C-7 Special Political Expenditures

  T-1 Public Treasurer's Annual Report (Template)