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Manuals and Brochures for Local and Judicial Candidates

These manuals and brochures will help candidates meet their filling and reporting requirements.

Personal Financial Affairs Statement Instructions - PDF (3,310 KB)

Local & Judicial Candidate Instruction Manual -- PDF (3.8 KB)
Campaign disclosure instruction for full campaign reporting.

Mini Campaign Reporting Instruction Manual -- PDF (601 KB)
Disclosure instruction for mini campaign reporting.


Candidate Reporting Guide -- PDF (436 KB)
Basic guidelines to assist candidates in fullfilling their reporting requirements.

Starting Off on the Right Foot for Candidates -- PDF (143 KB)
Answers to questions frequently asked by first-time candidates

Political Advertising PDF (275 KB)
General reguirements for political advertising.

Independent Expenditure & Electioneering Communications Brochure - PDF (183 KB)
A supplement to the 2006 Political Advertising Brochure.

Electioneering Communications Guide -- PDF (486 KB)
Electioneering communication reporting threshhold and sponsors.

Electronic Filing Campaign Reports - PDF (339 KB)
Guidelines for committees who are required to file electronically.

Candidates' Surplus Funds - PDF (236 KB) - (Frequently Asked Questions) PDF