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Other Filers

Information for both C7 filers and Jurisdictional reporting is included in this section.
 C7 Special Political Expenditures Report - (PDF)
Any business, union, association, organization or other entity  -- except a lobbyist employer that files an L-3 report or a political committee that files C-4 reports -- that contributes over $18,000 in the aggregate to state election campaigns or makes independent expenditures exceeding $900 during a calendar year supporting or opposing state office candidates or statewide ballot measures.

Date Due: The report is due by the last day of February of the year following the one in which the expenditures were incurred and is in addition to the C-6 filing requirements.

Annual Officials List (Blue Card)
All jurisdictions with 1,000 or more registered voters, governed by elected officials, plus all state agencies and many state boards and commissions are required to submit an Annual Officials List containing the names, positions, addresses, length of term, of elected and appointed officials who will hold office at any time during the year in their jurisdiction. The purpose of this form is to help the PDC verify information about elected and appointed officials holding office in each jurisdiction.

Date Due:The report is due annually in January.

Annual Officials List - For filing Annual Officials List

Print Jurisdictional Report - For printing ONLY!

Voters Registration for County Auditors