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Mission Statement

The Public Disclosure Commission was created and empowered by Initiative of the People to provide timely and meaningful public access to accurate information about the financing of political campaigns, lobbyist expenditures, and the financial affairs of public officials and candidates, and to ensure compliance with and equitable enforcement of Washington's disclosure and campaign finance laws.


Vision Statement

We are dedicated to building public confidence in the political process and government.



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Public Disclosure in Washington State
Information on the purpose of the public disclosure statute.

The Commission and Staff

Biographies of Commission Members
Agency Contacts
Agency Organizational Chart

Agency Reports

PDC Annual Reports (1998 to 2015)
Strategic Plans (2003–2015)
Sustainability Plans (2005–2011)
IT Portfolio Presentations  (2007 to 2012)
Joint Legislative Audit (Dec.2000)-PDF(3.9MB)
Review Committee Final Report (Dec.2000)-PDF(3.9MB)
InterAgency Agreements

Performance Reports - 2006 to current

Performance Report for 2013 
Performance Report for 2012 
Performance Report for 2011 
Performance Report for 2010 
Performance Report for 2009 
Performance Report for 2008
Performance Report for 2007
Performance Report for 2006
Performance Report for 2005

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