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The public disclosure statute contains five main areas of jurisdiction concerning campaign finance, contribution limits, political advertising, lobbyist reporting, and the disclosure of Personal Financial Affairs of elected officials and candidates.

Together, these sections of Chapter 42.17A RCW constitute one of the most exhaustive disclosure laws in the country. The PDC’s Strategic Plan for the 2011 – 2013 biennium includes the following objectives:

  • Identify and implement strategies to make prevention and enforcement efforts more effective;
  • Provide quick and easy public access to information;
  • Promote external communications; and
  • Increase Commission and staff capacity to meet organizational challenges.

The links on this web page will provide you with information on how the PDC is meeting its objectives and goals, and how others are rating our performance.

Recent Awards

May 2013
National Institute on Money in State Politics gives Washington an "A" for independent expenditure disclosure. Washington is one of only nine states to earn a perfect score.

March 2012
Washington ranks 3rd among U. S. states in State Integrity Investigation.

June 2009
Washington receives "A" grade from the Center for Public Integrity after its nationwide study of legislative financial disclosure requirements.

September 2008
The Campaign Disclosure Project ranks Washington State at the top of its nationwide assessment of campaign finance disclosure programs.


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