"The Public Disclosure Commission receives over 100 complaints alleging violations of the law each year."

The Public Disclosure Commission is empowered to ensure that campaign finance laws are complied with.

This section explains how to file complaints and allows you to check the status of compliance cases, investigations, and past-due penalties.

If you are interested in tracking compliance cases the PDC staff has created a database Compliance Tracking System.  Click the link below to search for compliance cases.


Filing a Complaint

You may file a complaint with the PDC by using the Sample Complaint Form (recommended), or filing a complaint in another format such as by letter or email. Complaints concerning an elected official or candidate for public office must be certified under oath.

Sample Complaint Form (Recommended) –

Certification for a Complaint Relating to an Elected Official or Candidate for Public Office (If you are not using the Sample Complaint Form) –