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  2012 REPORTS

Reports of Investigation, Notices of Administrative Charges,
Stipulations, and Post-Hearing Orders


 Commission Meeting - December 6, 2012

Report to Commission - Troy Kelley, PDC Case No. 13-017

Report to Commission  - James Watkins, PDC Case No. 13-018

Enforcement and Report to Commission - 45th Legislative Dist. Democrat Central Committee, PDC Case No. 13-020

Commission Meeting - October 25, 2012

Report to Commission or Hearing or Other Action - Washington United for Marriage and Sensa Salon, PDC Case No. 13-015

Report to Commission  - Friends of Rob McKenna (McKenna for Governor), PDC Case No. 13-004

Report to Commission - Family PAC, PDC Case No. 12-168

Commission Meeting - October 15, 2012

Report to Commission - Inslee for Governor Campaign, PDC Case No. 13-011

Commission Meeting - September 27, 2012

Hearing or Other Action- Brad Owen, Citizens to Re-elect Brad Owen Lieutenant Governor and Brad Owen Surplus Funds Account, PDC Case No. 12-167

Commission Meeting - June 28, 2012

Enforcement Matter- Gil Mendoza, PDC Case No. 12-153

Commission Meeting - May 24, 2012

Hearing or Other Action - Tom Stiger & Tom Stiger 2009 Campaign, PDC Case No. 12-139

Commission Meeting - April 26, 2012

Report to Commission - Move Bellevue Forward, PDC Case No. 12-150

Commission Meeting - March 22, 2012

Report to Commission - Americans for Prosperity Washington, Case #12-149

Hearing or Other Action - Bob Heuer, PDC Case No. 12-125

Commission Meeting - February 23, 2012

Report to Commission or Hearing or Other Action - David Schmidt and the 2006 David Schmidt Campaign, PDC Case No. 11-018

Hearing or Other Action - Shawn Bunney, PDC Case No. 11-006

Hearing or Other Action - Mark Nelson, PDC Case No. 12-122

Commission Meeting - January 26, 2012

Report to Commission - Americans for Prosperity Washington, Case #11-019