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Rule Making Activity 2001

December 4, 2001 Rule Making Activity

October 23, 2001 Rule Making Activity

August 28, 2001 Rule Making Activity
  • Discussion of Rule Making Activity
  • 1. Rules Regarding Mini Reporting - PDF
    a. Amend WAC 390-16-041 Forms Summary of Total Contributions and Expenditures
    b. Amend WAC 390-16-115 Abbreviated Campaign Reporting Conditions for Granting Use
    c. Repeal WAC 390-16-120 Abbreviated Campaign Reporting Times and Place for Filing Reports C-1, C-1pc and C-4abb.
    d. Amend WAC 390-16-125 Abbreviated Campaign Reporting Exceeding Limitations.
    e. Repeal WAC 390-16-155 Mini Campaign Reporting Exceeding Limitations.
  • 2. Rules on Occupation and Employer Thresholds - PDF
    f. Amend WAC 390-16-034 Additional Reporting Requirements
    g. Amend WAC 390-16-031 Forms for Statement of Contributions Deposit
  • 3. Rules I-134 Thresholds and HB 1770 - PDF
    h. Amend WAC 390-05-400 Changes in Dollar Amounts
    i. Adopt WAC 390-17-302 Contributions After the Primary Election
  • 4. Rules on Electronic Filing - PDF
    j. Adopt WAC 390-19-010 Intent
    k. Adopt WAC 390-19-020 Mandatory Filing
    l. Adopt WAC 390-19-030 Reporting Threshold
    m. Adopt WAC 390-19-040 Verification and Amendments n. Adopt WAC 390-19-050 Exceptions
June 28, 2001 Rule Making Activity
April 24, 2001 Rule Making Activity
February 27, 2001, Rule Making Activity