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Rule Making Activity 1999

October 28, 1999, Rule Making Activity

Proposed Rule Making and Public Hearing on Form Changes, Memo 10/18/1999 - PDF

Registration Statement for Candidates--Form C-1 - PDF 

Registration Statement for Political Committees--Form C-1pc - PDF  

Auction Reporting Form--Attachment Au (to Form C-3) - PDF  

Loan Reporting Form--Schedule L (to Form C-3 or C-4) - PDF  

May 25, 1999, Rule Making Activity

Amended WAC 390-12-225 Petitions for Rule Making - PDF

Amended WAC 390-14-015 Public Records Officer - PDF

Amended WAC 390-14-020 Hours for Records Inspection and Copying - PDF

Amended WAC 390-14-025 Requests for Public Records - PDF

Amended WAC 390-14-030 Copying of Public Records - PDF

Amended WAC 390-14-035 Exempting Records From Public Inspection - PDF

Amended WAC 390-14-040 Review of Denials of Public Records Requests - PDF

Amended WAC 390-14-045 Records Index - PDF

Repealed WAC 390-14-055 Record Request Form - PDF

Amended WAC 390-14-100 List of Elected Officials - PDF

Repealed WAC 390-14-105 List of Elected Officials--Responsibility - PDF

Amended WAC 390-14-110 List of Elected Officials--Impact - PDF

Amended WAC 390-17-030 Sample Ballots - PDF

Amended WAC 390-18-020 Political Advertising--Political Party ID - PDF

Amended WAC 390-18-050 Commercial Advertisers--Inspection of Records - PDF

Amended WAC 390-20-014 Lobbyist Registration during Last Calendar Quarter - PDF

Amended WAC 390-20-015 Lobbyist Registration--Termination - PDF

Repealed WAC 390-20-023 Contributions--Identification of Source - PDF

Repealed WAC 390-20-100 Effect of Public Disclosure Act - PDF

Repealed WAC 390-20-115 Forms for Reporting Legislative Activity by Legislators - PDF