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Lori Anderson
Communications & Training Officer

Stakeholder meetings are held at the Public Disclosure Commission Office in Room 206.


Stakeholder Meeting Notice

Date:Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Time:10:00 AM

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Commission staff will hold a stakeholder meeting to hear comments and answer questions regarding proposed 2015 agency-request legislation.  The Commission anticipates submitting two separate bills, which are linked below.

The agency request legislation proposes the following efficiency measures that would:

  • Change the Commission’s authority to grant modifications of the elected officials’ and executive state officers’ personal financial affairs disclosure requirements (F-1 report) from a single reporting period to, at the Commission’s discretion, the official’s term of office or three years for an executive state officer.  (This amendment would not apply to candidates’ F-1 filing requirements.);
  • Change how the agency reports its performance measures;
  • Allow for audits to be performed within available resources;
  • Repeal RCW 42.17A.420, previously found unconstitutional by 9th Circuit Court of appeals as to ballot measures; and
  • Amend signature requirements to allow the agency to expand and make more efficient electronic filing for all disclosure reports required under RCW 42.17A.

Bill Request #Z-0091.

At the request of stakeholders, the Commission proposes the following amendments to the personal financial affairs disclosure requirements (F-1 report):

  • Amend the $2,000 threshold for disclosing investments to $5,000;
  • Allow the year-end value to be used when disclosing the value of investments and other intangible assets instead of the highest value during the reporting period, provided the investment was owned on December 31;
  • Restructure dollar ranges used for reporting monetary values to extend top range from $100,000 to $1 Million in an effort to enhance information available to the public; and
  • Modify how real estate is identified, if the property is the residence of a judge, prosecutor, or sheriff.

Bill Request #Z-0007.

Questions or comments may be submitted prior to the meeting.  Teleconferencing accommodations will be made upon request.

Agency Contact:


Lori Anderson, (360) 664-2737 or toll-free 1-877-601-2828