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Stakeholder Input

"Stakeholder comments help guide the Commission's policy decisions."

Comments may be Emailed to:

Lori Anderson
Communications & Training Officer

Stakeholder meetings are held at the Public Disclosure Commission Office in Room 206.


Stakeholder Meeting

Date: Thursday, September 17, 2015

Subject: Potential 2016 PDC Request Legislation

Location: Evergreen Plaza Building, Room 206
711 Capitol Way
Olympia, Washington
(telephone participation will be accommodated)

Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM

The Commission staff will hold a stakeholder meeting to solicit input regarding potential 2016 agency-request legislation that proposes to:




Maximize the types of information available in real time and more easily searchable by broadening required electronic reporting to include:

·         Independent expenditure reports (Form C-6);

·         All candidate and political committee contribution & expenditure reports (Forms C-3 and C-4);

·         Last minute contribution reports filed by candidates, political committees, lobbyists, and lobbyist employers (LMC reports); and

·         Local public agency lobbying reports (Form L-5).

·         Electronic reporting optional for:

o  Independent expenditures;

o  Last minute contribution reports; and

o  Local public agency lobbying reports.

·         Spending $5,000+ triggers electronic reporting for candidate and political committee contribution & expenditure reports.



Provide more real time information about large contributions by requiring accelerated reporting for certain large contributions:

  • $1,000+ in the aggregate from a single contributor given / received during 3 weeks immediately before the primary election; and
  • $100,000+ given / received year-round.

·         Accelerated reporting required when $1,000+ given / received in the last week before the primary election and the last 3 weeks before the general election.

·         Accelerated reporting required only during special reporting periods immediately preceding primary and general elections.



Establish regular reporting of surplus funds account expenditures by mandating a reporting schedule consistent with the monthly campaign reporting schedule that is triggered when at least $200 is spent.

Disclosure of surplus funds spending is required, but there is no mandated schedule.



Simplify political committee disclosure requirements and provide better access to information by repealing out-of-state disclosure provisions so that in- and out-of-state political committees report consistently and the information supplied is available to the public in a single location.

An out-of-state committee that spends at least $50 to influence Washington state elections reports to the PDC. An out-of-state committee is allowed to report limited contributions and only expenditures to influence Washington state elections, provided the committee has been registered and reporting in another state for at least two years and less than 20% of the committee’s annual expenditures are spent on Washington state elections.





Refine definition of “contribution” to narrowly except uncoordinated reproduction of a portion of an online political advertisement which, by itself, would not promote the subject of the original ad.

Reproduction of all or a portion of an advertisement constitutes a contribution to the sponsor of the original ad, even absent coordination.  For example, copying a head shot from a candidate’s website and using it in an uncoordinated advertisement about the candidate, constitutes a contribution to the candidate.


The Public Disclosure Commission also plans to reintroduce two bills from 2015: 


·         SB 5308 proposed to 1) make the personal financial statements completed by candidates and office holders more meaningful for the public, 2) simplify reporting, and 3) authorize the Commission to grant reporting modifications for an extended period of time rather than a single reporting period.


NOTE:   A new section will be inserted that proposes allowing the Commission to use the brief adjudicative process (a single commissioner) to hear all reporting modification requests.  Currently, only requests for renewals may be considered by a single commissioner and only those that are made within three years of the original request.


·         SB 5309 proposed 1) changing the Commission’s rule-making moratorium to accommodate effective dates of new legislation and allow emergency rules to remain in effect through the general election; 2) eliminating double amendments that occurred in 2011; and 3) removing an obsolete reference to county filing requirements.


NOTE:   A new section will be inserted that proposes “received date” for mailed reports to be a date (still to be determined) other than the currently mandated post office cancellation date to allow for envelopes bearing portage purchased through stamps.com and other instances where an envelope bears no postmark.



The Public Disclosure Commission appreciates your interest and welcomes all comments.  Comments may be emailed to Lori Anderson at lori.anderson@pdc.wa.gov, if you are not able to attend the meeting.