Between now and the end of 2016, the Commission expects to engage in rule making for the purpose of:

  1. Establishing a reporting schedule for surplus funds accounts;
  2. Allowing the Commission to accept mailed reports as timely filed if received within five business days of the due date;
  3. Requiring candidates to directly pay their proportionate share of joint funding expenses;
  4. Repealing candidates' implied incumbency restrictions from political advertising rules;
  5. Repealing procedures for county elections officials who previously received copies of campaign reports pursuant to state law; and
  6. Aligning hearing procedures with the State model administrative procedures and using best practices for calculating time periods for reconsideration of orders.  The Commission will also review its penalty schedules to determine if they are sufficient.

Other subjects that may be addressed in rule making or interpretive statements:

  1. Whether signature gathering petitions for ballot measures constitute political advertising; and
  2. Whether "snip & paste" of photographs and other neutral content from candidates' campaign websites used in political advertising sponsored by other parties is a contribution to the candidate.

Follow our progress on the Commission's rule-making webpage.