By July 31, 2019, the Commission expects to engage in rule making for the purpose of:

  1. Amending, repealing and adding new sections to Title 390 WAC creating transparency in campaign contributions by implementing the Washington State Disclose Act of 2018

Other subjects that may be addressed by interpretation:

  1. Primary Purpose Test (07-02) The primary purpose test is a court-based analysis that is applied to the statutory definition “political committees” to determine whether an organization engages in the requisite kind of political activity to warrant regulation by the PDC. The current interpretation summarizes the existing case law that applies the primary purpose test. The interpretation should be evaluated in light of the continuing the development of case law of the test, and to determine the need for any update or clarification in the interpretation, or otherwise in rule or statute.
  2. Online Campaign Activities (07-04) As campaigns increase use of the Internet and electronic technologies for fundraising and advertising, the PDC must continue to review campaign reporting and advertising activities in light of such new technologies and evolving campaign practices. The current interpretation will be updated as needed in consideration of emerging technologies and practices.
  3. Surplus Funds (New) Candidates are authorized by statute to designate certain campaign contributions as surplus funds, and to spend such funds for authorized purposes. The PDC informally advises candidates on the reporting and permissible uses of surplus funds. A new interpretation will address current questions and emerging issues regarding the permissible collection, reporting, and uses of surplus campaign funds. 

Follow our progress on the Commission's rule-making webpage.