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February 27, 2014Volume 14 Issue No 2

Amit Ranade, Chair
Grant Degginger, Vice Chair
Kathy Turner, Member
Katrina Asay, Member

Staff reviewed Commission’s rulemaking agenda for the first half of 2014.  Included on the agenda is rule making related to mini reporting, lobbying disclosure, personal financial affairs disclosure, form updates, the Commission’s informal settlement procedures, and converting some of the Commission’s long-standing interpretations to rules. 

The Commission approved draft language for proposed amendments to:

  • WAC 390-16-105 Mini campaign reporting – Eligibility to clarify that a candidate or political committee who selects mini reporting will be required to fully comply with all campaign finance disclosure requirements should the contribution and/or expenditure restrictions of mini reporting be exceeded;
  • WAC 390-16-125 Mini campaign reporting – Exceeding Limitations to allow the staff the option of approving an application to change reporting options submitted after the applicant has exceed the restrictions of mini reporting; and
  • WAC 390-16-063 Additional information regarding C-6 report filing to include the guidance currently set out in PDC Interpretation 07-01 Computing Thresholds for Independent Expenditures.

Draft language was also approved that will convert PDC Interpretation 04-01 Contribution Limits:  Impact When a Candidate Subject to Limit Does Not Have a Primary Election to proposed new WAC 390-17-301 Eligibility to receive primary election contributions.

The public hearing to adopt the proposed rules will likely be scheduled during the May 22 meeting, 

Filer Requests

The Commission granted new Personal Financial Statement (F-1) reporting modifications to  that exempt:

  • John H. Chun, King County Superior Court Judge, from disclosing his personal residential address information and the reportable business customers of the law firm, Summit Law Group, PLLC.  The Commission granted the modification after considering the safety and security concerns expressed by Judge Chun as well as his statements that he is no longer a member of the Summit Law Group, PLLC and the firm is not willing to publicly divulge client names because of concerns about competitive disadvantage and client confidentiality.
  • Roger S. Rogoff, King County Superior Court Judge, from disclosing his personal residential address information.  This request was also granted based on the applicant’s expressed concerns about safety and security.

The Commission granted renewals of Personal Financial Statement (F-1) reporting modifications without changes to :

  • Kristianne Blake, University of Washington Regent :
  • Karen Donohue, Seattle Municipal Court Judge
  • Lewis Edelheit, Life Sciences Discovery Fund Trustee
  • Michael J. Finkle, King County Superior Court  Judge
  • Steven Rosen, Seattle Municipal Court Judge
  • David Wilson, School Director, Shoreline School Board
  • Washington State Democratic Central Committee
  • Washington State Republican Party


Spokane School District No. 81 (Spokane Public Schools) Officials and Employees, PDC Case No. 12-145

The Commission accepted stipulations of fact, violation, and penalty from 17 employees of the Spokane School District related to the employees’ use or authorizing others’ use of district facilities to assist a candidate’s 2011 campaign for school director or to promote district ballot measures in 2009 and/or 2012 elections. The employees admitted to illegal use of district facilities in varying degrees and the stipulated penalties range from $0 to $500.  Details about the employees and their stipulations are available at http://www.pdc.wa.gov/home/laws/reportsofinvestigation.aspx?report=293 .

The Commission meeting materials can be found at www.pdc.wa.gov under Commission Meetings. For additional information concerning these issues contact Lori Anderson, Communications & Training Officer, at (360) 664-2737, toll free 1-877-601-2828 or e-mail at landerson@pdc.wa.gov.

The next regular meeting of the Public Disclosure Commission is tentatively scheduled for March 27, 2014.