Follow the Money FAQ

Campaign Explorer

Whether you are interested in races statewide or looking for races specific to your voting district, this is the best place to start if you are new to campaign finance reporting in Washington state or want quick information on just a few candidates. Quick Search to find this year's candidates by name or office.

Campaign Explorer | Quick Search

Show me the money (maps showing the sources of contributions to candidates, more info here)

Search the Database

The PDC Search the Database tool allows you to look at all political candidates for any given election year. You can start with only the races you are eligible to vote for or expand it to view other races.
Statewide | Legislative | Judicial | County | Municipal | Special Races | Surplus Funds

Political committees
This tool allows you to look at the campaign finance data for all political committees in Washington State.
Continuing | Single Year | Party | Caucus

Ballot measure committees
This section links to ballot measure committees in Washington State. Learn more about the financial aspects of how ballot measures are supported or opposed.
Local | Statewide

This section links to lobbying activities. The PDC regulates lobbying of the state Legislature and state agencies.

Lobbyist | Agents | Lobbyist Employers | Public Agency Lobbying

Independent Expenditures
This section shows third-party expenditures by individuals and groups working to support or oppose candidates. Independent expenditures are made by third parties without the candidate‚Äôs cooperation, consultation or collaboration.

Independent Expenditures | IE (vendor) | IE (contributors)

Advanced Search
This tool allows broad searching of 10 years of reports from candidates and political committees. Use it to find information such as the campaigns that received donations from a specific contributor, every committee that used a certain vendor, the largest contribution in an election year, and much more.

Contributions | Expenditures | View Reports | Financial Affairs Statements

Open Data

Open Data is a repository of campaign data that can be used for deep analytics, research and customized searches. This is powerful set of tools that will be most appealing to researchers and software developers.

Open Data


Federal candidates, as well as some Washington state political committees, file disclosure reports with the Federal Election Commission. See the FEC website for more information.