The PDC uses this data set for its online web applications to assist the public in finding information relative to a particular jurisdiction. It is provided here for the purpose of assisting application developers and may be of limited interest for the general public.

This dataset is a subset (copy) of voter registration records provided to the Public Disclosure Commission by the Washington Secretary of State (SOS) under the terms of SOS and applicable law. Use of this data is governed by any restrictions or limitations of the original release by SOS. By accessing this data you are agreeing to use the data in accordance with the RCW 29A.08.720, RCW 29A.08.740 and RCW 42.56.070(9) and any other applicable law.

The PDC has removed all information from the original data set except the address and precinct information for the purpose of assisting the public in determining how their address correlates to the PDC's internal accounting of jurisdictions. This data set is updated infrequently. Please see the date of last update in the metadata.

This data set can be used to correlate an address in Washington state with a precinct code. The precinct code can then be used to lookup a corresponding PDC jurisdiction and office in the data set containing the PDCs precinct to jurisdiction crosswalk. These data are provided as-is and may contain errors or omissions. Please refer to the SOS for the most recent data.

Dataset last updated: 
07/22/2020 - 2:51pm