Our state's disclosure laws require elected officials and candidates to give the public access to certain details about their personal finances.  This requirement was part of Initiative 276 approved by voters in 1972.  I-276 was intended to bring more openness and accountability to Washington State's political process.

Who Files?

  • State office holders and candidates for these positions,
  • County office holders and candidates for these positions,
  • All other local office holders serving in a jurisdiction with a population of at least 1,000 registered voters and candidates for these positions, except for cemetery districts and other districts where voters must have special qualifications such as property ownership (e.g., irrigation or weed districts, etc.),
  • Certain state agency directors and state board and commission members,
  • Professional staff of the governor and legislature, and
  • Charter school directors.

Accessing Reports

Personal Financial Affairs Statements are not available on this website.  They can be viewed in the Public Disclosure Commission's office. Alternatively, the Commission will email copies of Personal Financial Affairs Statements upon request.