The Public Disclosure Commission is seeking comment on proposed permanent rules to implement the Disclose Act, which took effect Jan. 1.  

The current proposal mirrors the emergency rules the commission approved last fall to implement Substitute Senate Bill 5991, which requires certain nonprofit organizations engaged in electoral activities to register as "incidental committees" and report financial information.

The commission wants to hear from members of the regulated community and the public about whether any changes need to be made before the rules become permanent in late April. Submit written comments to by Feb. 27. The commission also will be taking comment at its February meeting. The public hearing is at 9:45 a.m. Feb. 28 at the PDC office, 711 Capitol Way S. #206, Olympia. 

Nonprofits wondering about how to register and report can consult the incidental committee instructions available on the PDC website. Those instructions are based on the emergency rules and could change as a result of the permanent rulemaking process.