If you buy something for your campaign and can’t be reimbursed within 21 days, but would like to have the option to be repaid when funds become available, treat the purchase as an in-kind loan by the candidate.

In ORCA, click on Transactions, then Loans, then In-Kind Loan. Enter the candidate’s name by entering the beginning of the name and letting ORCA fill in the rest. If ORCA prompts you for the candidate’s address, stop and try again.

Pick the best expenditure category, then enter the loan amount, date received, and election.


Pick Primary if the expenditure was made before the primary and the candidate will be on the primary ballot; otherwise pick General. Interest rate and due date are optional.

In the Description field, type in the item purchased, the name of the vendor and vendor address. If it was printed material, include what kind of document and how many were purchased. The Repayment Schedule automatically says “As funds become available.” Leave it, unless there is another arrangement.

The campaign may repay loans to the candidate only up to $6,000 for the primary, if the candidate is on the primary ballot, and $6,000 for the general. The campaign needs to have a loan agreement. When the candidate makes the loan, print a paper loan agreement based on the example here and keep it with the campaign ledger.