Spending your own money on the campaign (paying for office supplies, for example) is entered differently from depositing your own funds into the campaign bank account.

The campaign can reimburse the candidate for a purchase made for the campaign within 21 days of the purchase. This does not have to be treated as a loan, and it doesn’t count towards the loan repayment limit.

If the candidate will be repaid within 21 days, you don’t have to enter the expenditure into ORCA until repayment is made. Enter it as a campaign expenditure. Click on Transactions at the top, then Expenditures, then Monetary Expenditures. Fill out the form like this:


Put the candidate’s name under Vendor Name. Type the beginning of the candidate’s name and it should auto-fill the rest. If it prompts you to enter the candidate’s address, stop and try again.

Fill in the left side of the form with name, bank account, and date that the campaign paid the candidate. Click the green plus sign on the right to get the expense item screen. Pick the expenditure account and enter the amount paid to the candidate.

Enter the item the candidate was reimbursed for, and the name and address where the item was purchased, under Description. Click the OK buttons. If the candidate is reimbursed for buying printed material, include what the printed material was (brochures, etc.), how many documents were purchased, and the name and address of the business where the candidate bought them.