Examples: A self-funded campaign that doesn’t accept contributions, or a campaign has already reached the $6,000 limit and can’t pay back any more loans to the candidate.

Enter this as an in-kind contribution by the candidate to their own campaign. Remember, use the Candidate’s Personal Funds function if the candidate’s money goes into the campaign bank account and use the In-Kind Contribution function if the candidate spends money on something for their own campaign.

Click on Transactions, then Contributions, then In-Kind Contribution.

Enter the candidate’s name for Contributor Name. If the system prompts you for the candidate’s address, stop. The ORCA campaign already has the candidate’s address, and you may accidentally create a second contact for the candidate. Type in the first few letters of the candidate’s name and allow ORCA to fill in the rest.

Pick the expenditure account that best fits the contribution. Pick Primary if the contribution was made before the primary election and the candidate will be on the primary ballot, otherwise, pick General. In the Description field, enter what the contribution was, and the name and address where it was purchased. If it’s printed material, note how many items were purchased.