February 5, 2020

Holding an auction or fundraiser? Using ORCA makes reporting these tasks easy.

Auctions: Before the auction make a list of donated items; include the description, fair market value, and the donor’s name, address and occupation/employer information if the donor is an individual. During the auction, keep track of who buys the item and the amount of the winning bid. Get the bidder’s name, address, and occupation/employer information if the bidder is an individual.

Once the auction is over, report the items, donors, buyers, etc. in the Auction section under Fundraisers in the Transaction tab. Number each auction item with numerals only; no letters are allowed.


Use the Make A Deposit selection under Transactions to move the auction money raised over to the Deposited Items side of the deposit slip. The total raised from the auction is reflected on Line 1 D of the C3 Cash Receipts Monetary Contributions report.


A breakout of each auction item can be viewed on the Au Auction Report attachment to the C3.


Cash Fundraisers: To report contributors who purchased tickets to a fundraiser, go to Transactions>Fundraisers>Cash Fundraisers. An example of a cash fundraiser entry looks like this:


After the fundraiser entry is made, use the Make A Deposit selection under Transactions to move the contributions over to the Deposited Items side of the deposit slip. In Line 2 of the C3 report, the cash fundraiser contributions will be reflected.


For information about deducting the cost of consumables furnished as part of a cash fundraiser, please visit https://www.pdc.wa.gov/learn/publications/political-committee-instructions/contributions/auctions-other-fund-raisers.


Low-Cost Fundraisers: Events generating small contributions from participants who paid $50 or less may qualify as low-cost fundraisers and would therefore require limited tracking and disclosure.

Some examples of low-cost fundraiser events would be:

  • a food and beverage event where the admission price or the cost for the food and beverages is no more than $25;
  • an entertainment event (such as a concert) where the admission price is no more than $25;
  • an auction or similar sale where the total fair market value of items donated by any person is no more than $50;  
  • a retail sale of goods or services at a reasonable approximation of their fair market value;
  • or a gambling operation conducted in compliance with state gambling laws.

However, if someone pays over $50 to participate in an event or purchases more than $50 in auction or sales items, this contribution would be excluded from the low-cost fundraiser.

Reporting a low-cost fundraiser is simple. Under Fundraisers in the Transaction tab, go to Low-Cost Fundraisers. Enter the name of the fundraiser along with the address, lump sum raised and the date.


Remember to Make a Deposit for the fundraiser item so it will appear on Line 2 of the C3 report.



Please visit www.pdc.wa.gov/learn/publications/political-committee-instructions/contributions/low-cost-fund-raisers for more information about low-cost fundraisers. For more information about auctions and fundraisers, please go to www.pdc.wa.gov/learn/publications/political-committee-instructions/contributions/auctions-other-fund-raisers.