February 12, 2020

If you have recently filed a new candidate or committee registration and picked full reporting, you will need to get ORCA set up to begin tracking contributions and expenses.

After downloading ORCA, pick Setup Wizard. It will automatically populate with the current calendar year. You may need to change the year depending on your situation. 

  • If you are a candidate or reporting for one, select the year of the election in which the candidate will appear on the ballot.
  • If you are a committee formed in anticipation of supporting or opposing a ballot measure or candidate(s) and don't intend to continue to be active after that activity is finished, select the election year in which the ballot measure or candidate will be on the ballot. 
  • If you are a continuing committee that engages in political activity across election cycles, select the current year. 


Next you will choose a campaign start date. This date will reflect the date that you started your campaign.

Please choose the earliest of these dates: the date you announced your candidacy, the date you first received a contribution, the date you first made an expenditure or booked ad space, or the date you declared your candidacy with election officials. To see what the disclosure law states about becoming a candidate click here.

Finally, the Setup Wizard will ask for an "access token." For more information about getting an access token, see this filer tip