August 25, 2020

Curious about who’s funding recall efforts involving elected officials? Here’s how to find that information on the PDC website. 

Recalls are ballot propositions, and groups that raise or spend money to support or fight a ballot proposition are political committees, or PACs. 
Generally, PACs are designated as either continuing (meaning they continue from year to year, usually to support a myriad of causes or candidates), or single-election.  

Recall committees are most likely to register as single-election, but they can register as continuing as well.  

To find the PACs involved in a recall, start on the PDC website:  

The page defaults to the current year, and to continuing political committees. Type the official’s last name in the filter box under the Committee heading. A search may also reveal if there is a committee raising money to defend that official. 


Image of Continuing Political Committees page


If you don’t find what you’re looking for, check next under the “single year” and “initiative (local)” tabs: 


Image of Continuing Political Committees chart with three tabs circled


You also may need to search under a future year. Some recall petitions won’t make the ballot for months because of the process involved. If the recall effort does not yet have an election date, you can try to change the year in the drop-down menu: 

Image of Continuing Political Committee chart with year circled

Once you find the committee you’re interested in, click on its name. You’ll get an overview that shows the date the committee registered, the name of its treasurer, contact information and more. Tabs at the top of the page take you to information about contributions, expenditures and other financial details.  

Recall committees have one important difference from other ballot measure groups: contribution limits. A donor to a recall committee can only give as much money to that effort as they would have been able to give to elect the officeholder. 

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