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Filing Requirements for State Executive and Legislative Candidates

According to the disclosure law,you become a candidate when you:  raise and spend money for your campaign, reserve space or purchase advertising to promote your candidacy, authorize someone else to do any of these activities for you, state publicly that you're seeking office, or file a declaration of candidacy, whichever happens first.

2016 Regular Session Freeze
begins December 12, 2015.

Full Reporting Schedule
Reporting dates for 2015.

Contribution Limits
Information about contributions limits for local candidates.

Political Advertising- PDF
Information about political advertising for your campaign.

Keeping Books
Helpful hints for tracking your campaign contributions. For assistance call toll free at:
Are You Required To File A Disclosure Report?

During your election campaign
will you spend $5,000 or less
(& receive $500 or less from any donor)
 YES > File Forms F-1 and C-1 within two weeks of becoming a candidate. No other reports are required.
During your election campaign
will you spend Over $5,000? 

Did you spend over $5,000?

Candidates that expended $5,000 or more the preceding year or expect to expend $5,000 in the current year are required to file campaign finance reports electronically. PDC staff provides free electronic filing software and training to all candidates.

File Forms F-1 and C-1 within two weeks of becoming a candidate.
File C-3 and C-4 reports according to the Full Reporting Schedule.


When a candidate receives a last  minute contribution of $1000 or more during the 7 days before primary election and 21 days before general election, they are required to file a report within 48 hours of or the first working day after its receipt.