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Advisory to Ballot Measure Committees

A recent ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals impacts ballot measure committees.

The Court ruled that the state law prohibiting campaigns from receiving contributions of more than $5,000 within 21 days of a general election cannot be applied to ballot measure committees. This means contributors to ballot measure committees may now make --- and those committees may now receive --- contributions exceeding $5,000 within the 21-day period prior to a general election. The case is Family PAC v. McKenna et al., Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals No. 10-35832 (December 29, 2011).

The ruling addressed a challenge to part of former RCW 42.17.105(8), which is now RCW 42.17A.420.

Contact Lori Anderson at the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission at (360) 664-2737 or toll-free at 1-877-601-2828 if you have any questions.

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