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Registration (L1 Report)
Lobbyists must register before doing any lobbying or within thirty days of being employed to lobby, whichever occurs first. Registrations filed before October 1, 2012 are valid until January 13, 2013.  Registrations filed October 1, 2012 or later are valied until January 11, 2015.  Amendments to registrations must be filed within one week of the change that prompts the amendment.

Monthly Expense (L2 Report)
Lobbyists must file monthly L2 reports disclosing Report  compensation earned and expenditures incurred for lobbying. The reports, signed by the lobbyist, are required to be filed by the 15th of the month following the one being reported.

Employer's Report (L-3 Report)
Lobbyists who hired or contracted with other lobbyists, must file employer reports by the last day of February covering compensation and expenditures paid or accrued in the previous calendar year.

Employer's Contribution Report (L3c)
Identifies recipients and amounts of contributions exceeding $100 made by employers of lobbyists. Due within 15 days of the end of any month during which reportable contributions were made.

Lobbyist employers may be penalized for failing to file complete, accurate and timely L3 and L3c reports. Lobbyist employers who take actions that trigger reports of grass roots lobbying (L6) or employment of state officials (L7) may also be penalized for failing to file these reports in an accurate and timely manner.