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Filing Requirements for Lobbyist Employer

IN BRIEF . . .
Anyone who attempts to influence state legislation or the legislative action of a state agency is a lobbyist.

Lobbyist employers -- those individuals and entities who employ, hire or pay the compensation or other consideration of a lobbyist -- must sign their lobbyist's L-1 registration form, file annual comprehensive expense reports (PDC Form L-3), and may be required to file monthly L-3c contributions reports. This includes lobbyists who hired or contracted with other lobbyists.




Lobbyist Employers need to file Lobbying Expenses report (L-3) no later than February 29, 2016

2015 Elected Officials List (helpful for completing L-3, Lines 12 & 13)

Lobbyist Employer Reporting Instruction Manual - 2016 - PDF (1.25 MB)This manual is devoted to providing a lobbyist employer with comprehensive information regarding the law and its requirements.



Lobbyist Registration (L1)
PDF   MS Word

Lobbyist Employer's Report (L3)
PDF   MS Word

Special Contributions Report (L3c)
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For assistance call (360) 753-1111 or toll free in Washington State 1-877-601-2828.

Are You Required To File A Disclosure Report?

Did you employ, hire or pay the compensation or other consideration of a lobbyist? 
(This includes lobbyists who hired or contracted with other lobbyists.)
 YES > You must sign the lobbyist's L1 registration form and  file annual  L3 comprehensive expense reports.

If you made one or more contributions, including in-kind contributions, during one calendar month totaling more than $100 to a candidate for state or local office, an elected state or local official, an officer or employee of any public agency, or a political committee, you must file a monthly political contribution report (PDC Form L3c). Employer contributions that are reported by a registered lobbyist or contributions that are from an employer-affiliated PAC are not reportable on an L3c.