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  2013 REPORTS

Reports of Investigation, Notices of Administrative Charges,
Stipulations, Case Related Documents, and Post-Hearing Orders

Commission Meeting - December 5, 2013

Reports to Commission re: 45-Day Citizen Action Letters

Saving Whatcom County dba Save Whatcom, PDC Case No. 14-004

Whatcom First, PDC Case No. 14-005

Tristine Samberg, Tracking Number T14-050

Commission Meeting - October 24, 2013

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU National); ACLU Washington (ACLU-WA); ACLU-WA Foundation; and ACLU-WA Endowment, PDC Case No. 13-019

Michael King, Senate Democratic Committee, The Roosevelt Fund, PDC Case No, 13-023

Commission Meeting - September 26, 2013

Robert Jesse Hill, PDC Case No. 13-126

Review by full commission of Brief Enforcement Orders:

Commission Meeting - September 10, 2013

Citizens for Two-Thirds, Case #13-101

Commission Meeting - June 27, 2013

North Central Affordable Housing Council, Case #13-029

Commission Meeting - March 28, 2013

Report to Commission - James Fossos, Case #12-159