Reports of Investigation, Notices of Administrative Charges,
Stipulations, Case Related Documents, and Post-Hearing Orders

Commission Meeting - December 4, 2014


National Association of Realtors Fund, Case No. 14-009

 Lucy DeYoung and Ethical Woodinville, Case No. 14-008

Commission Meeting - October 23, 2014


Tom Albro [Port of Seattle], Case No. 14-006

 John Creighton [Port of Seattle], Case No. 15-032

 Courtney Gregeoire [Port of Seattle], Case No. 15-033

 Stephanie Bowman [Port of Seattle], Case No. 15-034

 Mark McCrady, Case No. 13-022

  Brian Skeahan, Case No. 15-039

Commission Meeting - September 25, 2014


Robert Jesse Hill, Case No. 15-026

 Requests for Review/Reconsideration of Group Enforcement Orders

Commission Meeting - July 24, 2014

Enforcement and Report to the Commission 

District and Municipal Court Judges Association (DMCJA); Sam Meyer; Brett Buckley; and Thurston County, PDC Tracking No. T14-107.

Special Commission Meeting - July 8, 2014


Bill Littlejohn, Case No. 14-013

Commission Meeting - June 26, 2014


Jennifer Walther, Spokane School District No. 81 (Spokane Public Schools), Case No. 14-053

 Yes on I-522 Committee, Case No. 14-011

Commission Meeting - May 22, 2014

Enforcement and Report to Commission (45-day Citizen Action Complaint)

Supporters of I-522 (Organic Consumers Association; Organic Consumers Fund; Organic Consumers Fund Committee to Label GMOs in Washington State (OCF-WA State PAC); Volunteers for I-522Parents.org; Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps; and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream) PDC Tracking number T14-053

Commission Meeting - April 24, 2014

Mark Anderson Spokane School District No. 81 (Spokane Public Schools) Officials and Employees, PDC Case No. 12-145

Food Democracy Action! and Food Democracy Action! Yes on I-522 to Label GMO's in Washington (FDA-WA State PAC) PDC Case No. 14-007

Yes on I-522 Committee, Case No. 14-011 [continued to June 26, 2014]

Commission Meeting - February 27, 2014

Spokane School District No. 81 (Spokane Public Schools) Officials and Employees, PDC Case No. 14-021-14-051 (12-145)

Group A (Stipulated violations and no penalty)

Group B (Stipulated violations and $250 penalty with $200 suspended)
Group C (Stipulated violations and $500 penalty with $400 suspended)
  • Chuck Demarest, Case No. 14-026 | Final Order
  • Dave Hughes, Case No. 14-032 | Final Order
  • Deb Johnson, Case No. 14-034  | Final Order
  • Mike Page, Case No. 14-044  | Final Order
  • Carol Pederson, Case No. 14-045  | Final Order
  • Marie Peterson-Holland (formerly Marie Holland), Case No. 14-048  | Final Order
  • Michael Syron, Case No. 14-050  | Final Order
  • Mary Templeton, Case No. 14-051  | Final Order

    • Group D (Stipulated violations and $500 penalty with $300 suspended)

      Group E (Stipulated violations and $700 penalty with $400 suspended)
      • Mark Anderson, Case No. 12-145 - Held over to March 27, 2014 regular Commission meeting

      Other Action

      • Recommended Dismissal of Additional Employees (Group F)
      • Recommended Dismissal of Remaining Allegations

      Commission Meeting - January 23, 2014

      Report to Commission re: 45-Day Citizen Action Letters
      Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), PDC Case No. 14-002

      Reconsideration of Final Commission Order re: