The auction form is not set up to handle baskets.  It can only handle one in kind donation and one purchaser. For baskets, do not enter them in the auction form. Instead, enter them as in kind contributions and as monetary contributions. Be sure to keep a notation in your files of your transactions.

For example,

·        You have 3 in kind donations to the basket, each valued at $25; total value $75

Enter each of the in kind contributions on Schedule B

·        You have 5 purchasers of the basket for $150 ($30 each)

Subtract the Fair Market Value ($75) from the purchase price ($150) for the actual contribution amount ($75)


Purchase Price of basket                       $150

Fair Market Value of items in basket     -$75

Contribution amount                                         $ 75


·        Divide the contribution amount ($75) by the number of purchasers (5) for the contribution amount made by each purchaser

Enter each purchaser’s contribution ($15) on Form C3