ORCA tries to protect you from mistakenly filing duplicate deposits.  If you really do need to file two deposits on the same day for the same amount, you will need to combine the two deposits and file one C-3. Put a memo in your files stating what you did and why.

If you have already filed a C-3 for the first deposit, here are the steps for adding the second to the same report:

  • Find the 2nd deposit and use the red X located at the bottom of the window to "delete" the deposit action.  This will move the contribution(s) back to the left "un-deposited" items side of the window.
  • Now find the original deposit.  With the original on the right side of the window, use the right arrow in the middle of the screen to add the 2nd item to the first.
  • Click OK to save your changes.
  • Last, resubmit (or amend) the original C-3.