June 20, 2019
Candidates filing as mini filers take heed! The deadline (June 24, 2019) is quickly approaching if you wish to change your reporting option from mini to full before the primary. (If participating in the general election, the deadline is September 3, 2019.)
What’s the difference between mini and full filers, you say? Mini filers agree to raise and spend no more than $5,000, in addition to the amount spent on their filing fee, and who will receive no more than $500 from any one contributor other than themselves. Also, there is no requirement to file contribution and expenditure reports. Full reporters have contribution limits but there is no cap on how much a candidate may raise and spend overall, but frequent, detailed financial reports are required.
If you apply to change from a mini to full filer before the deadline and you have not exceeded the mini reporting limits, your application will be approved. You will have to notify all opponents in writing of the change and send the following documents to the PDC’s executive director:
  1. A statement that verifies you have notified each opposing candidate or committee in writing of your plan to change reporting options;
  2. Copies of those notifications to opposing candidates or committees;
  3. An amended registration statement (PDC form C-1) indicating the new reporting option; and
  4. PDC forms C-3 and C-4 with relevant schedules and attachments disclosing all contributions and expenditures from the start of the campaign to the current date. 
  5. If you apply to change from a mini to full filer, but you have exceeded the mini reporting limits, there are special circumstances that must be met. For more information on this, please click the link below.
If you wish to change from full to mini reporting, no approval is necessary. Just amend the candidate registration (PDC form C-1) indicating the new option. 
More information can be found here