The following entities may NOT give to candidates for state office, to a state official against whom recall charges have been filed or to a political committee expecting to make expenditures supporting the recall of the official:

  • a corporation or business entity not doing business in Washington State*;
  • a labor union with fewer than ten members who reside in Washington State; and
  • a political committee that has not received, during the preceding 180 days, contributions of $10 or more from at least ten Washington State registered voters.

RCW 42.17A.405(12).  A corporation or business is "doing business in Washington state" if it conducts continuous or substantial activities in this state so that it acquires a legal obligation.  For example: registering as a foreign corporation in Washington, operating one or more business locations in Washington, hiring employees to work in this state or purchasing supplies or services from other Washington businesses.  WAC 390-17-310.

Federal election law prohibits all candidates and political committees in this country from receiving contributions from foreign nationals (individuals with foreign citizenship, foreign corporations, other foreign business entities, etc.).    However, persons having “green cards” may contribute to elections in the United States.  (Contact the Federal Election Commission at 1-800-424-9530 for more information).

Federally chartered banks, corporations, unions, insurance companies and federal government contractors should consult their legal advisors to determine whether other state or federal statutes prohibit their making contributions.

According to Washington law, "No insurer or fraternal benefit society doing business in this state shall directly or indirectly pay or use, or offer, consent, or agree to pay or use any money or thing of value for or in aid of any candidate for the office of insurance commissioner; nor for reimbursement or indemnification of any person for money or property so used." (emphasis added) RCW 48.30.110.

The U. S. Securities & Exchange Commission prohibits an investment adviser from providing advisory services for compensation to a government client for two years after the adviser or certain of its executives or employees make a contribution to a public official of a government entity or candidate for such office who is or will be in a position to influence the award of advisory business.  An adviser or any of its covered associates is also prohibited from soliciting or coordinating 1) contributions to an official of a government entity to which the investment adviser is seeking to provide investment advisory services, or 2) payments to a state or local political party committee where the investment adviser is providing or seeking to provide investment services to a government entity. 17 CFR Part 275.