Lobbyist Employer Reports & Due Dates

Report expenses and compensation on an accrual basis.  That is, include expenses on the report for the year in which they were incurred or earned, not when they were actually paid or received.

L-3 Employer's Lobbying Expenses

Due Date: Last day of February

Shows lobbyist’s expenses and compensation.  Includes employer’s expenditures on behalf of lobbyist to assist in the lobbying effort. All submissions must be done through the lobbyist/lobbyist employer electronic application.


L-3c Employer's Contribution Report

Due Date:  Within 15 days after the last day of each calendar month in which a reportable contribution was made

Report identifies recipients and amounts of contributions exceeding $110 made by employers of lobbyists.


Special Situation Reports

L-6 Grass Roots Lobbying

Due Date: Campaign sponsors file initial report within 30 days of spending more than $700 in the aggregate or more than $1,400 in the aggregate in any 3-month period. Continue filing reports at the end of each month, due no later than the 10th of the following month, for as long as spending continues.

Discloses expenses of sponsors of lobbying campaigns designed to gain public support for their positions.  Includes list of contributors to these campaigns

LMC Last Minute Contribution Report

Due Date: Within 24 hours of giving a contribution of $1,000 or more to a particular recipient during the 7 days before the primary election and/or during the 21 days before the general election.

Shows contributions of $1,000 or more given to state & local candidates, political committees, ballot measure committees, and political party committees.

C-6 Independent Expenditure Ads and Electioneering Communications

Due Date:  Within 24 hours of when an electioneering communication or certain independent expenditure ads are first published, mailed, or otherwise presented to the public.

Shows expenditures made for electioneering communications (an ad that clearly identifies at least one candidate for state, local or judicial office; appears within 60 days of an election in the candidate’s jurisdiction; is distributed through radio, television, postal mailing, billboard, newspaper, or periodical; and either alone, or in combination with other communications by the sponsor identifying the candidate, has a fair market value of $1,000 or more.

Shows independent expenditures made for ads that support or oppose a candidate or ballot measure, are valued at $1,000 or more, and are presented to the public within 21 days of a primary, general, or special election.

L-7 Employment of Legislators and State Officials

Due Date:  Within 15 days of hiring.

Shows new employment relationship between lobbyist or lobbyist employer and state officials or employees who might be lobbied.