Personal financial information is disclosed by candidates at the start of the campaign and annually by elected officials, state boards and commissions members, state agency directors, and legislative and gubernatorial professional staff. This information allows the public to assess whether state officials may have conflicts of interest.  

Electronic Filing Option

Individuals who electronically file enter the required information and simply update it each year without regard to whether the F-1 or F-1A may be used.  File now.

Mailed Reports

First-time filers start with the F-1 for the initial report. Annual filers are allowed to use the F-1A 3 out of 4 consecutive years, provided there are no or only minor changes to report since the last F-1 was filed.


Used by individuals completing the F-1 for the first time and repeat filers who are ineligible to use the F-1A.  Get form.

F-1 Supplement

Supplements F-1's Section 5 to provide detail of business ownership and other corporate or business-related relationships. Also used to report lobbying activity. Annual filers must complete if they and family members received food and beverage over $50, travel, or education.  Get form.


Satisfies the annual reporting requirement for incumbent officials who have filed a full F-1 report in the last 4 years and have no or only minor changes to report  Get form.