See Contribution Limits for a printable chart.

Any contribution the committee makes to a candidate or other political committee must be made by written instrument.

Making Contributions

Bona Fide Party & Caucus Campaign Committees

Bona fide party and caucus committees' limits for contributions to most candidates are based on the jurisdiction's registered voter counts.  Registered voter counts & dollar amounts for 2020 candidates  Legislative district and county bona fide party committees may contribute only to candidates that are elected by voters living within the district or county.

Other Committees

Contributions to state and some local office candidates from all other political committees are:

candidate contribution limits explained
$2,000 per election

state executive


port commissioner

$1,000 per election


county office

mayor, city council

school director

hospital commi'r - King Co Dists 1 & 2 and SnoCo Dist 2 only

There are no limits on contributions given to candidates running for offices not listed here.  

Primary and General Contributions

Donors giving to candidates subject to contribution limits may make primary election contributions up to 30 days after the date of the primary if candidate loses in the primary and the candidate’s authorized committee has insufficient funds to pay primary debts outstanding as of the date of the primary.

No general election contribution is permitted after December 31 of the election year from any contributor -- except the candidate using personal funds for his or her own campaign.

Contributions to the Party & Caucus Committees

Bona fide parties and the caucus campaign committees may transfer money between themselves without limit, but other political committees contributing to them must observe these limits:

party & caucus campaign contribution limits explained
$5,500 per year

bona fide party committee non-exempt account

$1,000 per year

caucus campaign committee