Post-Election Reports

Single Year Committees

For political committees organized for one election only, the C-4 report filed on the 10th of the first month following the election (December 10 for the General Election) is the final report if the campaign is concluded, there are no outstanding debts, loans or other obligations, surplus funds have been disposed of and the committee has been dissolved. There are no restrictions on how a political committee may disperse the funds remaining at the end of the campaign except the prohibitions listed in RCW 42.17A.445 regarding personal use.

When filing the final report, indicate this fact in the space provided near the top of the C-4 report.  

If the committee does not or cannot file a final report on December 10, continue to file C-4 reports until all debts and other obligations are satisfied.  These reports are filed on the 10th of each month whenever expenditures are made totaling $200 or more since the last C-4 report was filed. 

If the committee is choosing to dissolve, see the instructions for completing the dissolution process

Continuing Committees

A final report is filed only when the committee closes its bank account and disbands.  Until that happens, continuing committees will "net out" at the end of each calendar year/start of a new year.  The committee files a C-4 report for the period ending December 31 (due January 10).  On the first report for the period beginning January 1 of the new year, the committee carries the Line 18 balance from the year-end report forward to Line 1.  Line 10 of the first report of the new year is $0.  Any outstanding obligations the committee had at the end of the year are carried forward.  Committees that use the PDC's software will create a new campaign for each calendar year; during the set up the committee is prompted to enter a carry forward balance.