A committee that selects the full reporting option must file reports that disclose contributions received, other receipts, expenditures, and debt.  All full reporting committees will be able to file these reports electronically and any committee that spends or expects to spend $5,000 or more must efile.  Candidates must comply with filing deadlines and take care to include all information that must be disclosed for each transaction.  These online instructions explain what information must be disclosed for typical campaign activities and record keeping.  Report due dates are found on the Forms page, in the PDC's ORCA software, and in the online calendar.

Reporting Basics

thumbnail of C3 to explain how bank deposits are disclosedMoney In

  1. Accept a contribution.
  2. Deposit it in the campaign account within five days of when it was received.
  3. Report the deposit on a C-3, Cash Receipts Monetary Contributions.  Include miscellaneous receipts in C-3 reports, such as bank interest, vendor refunds, etc.
  4. A Schedule L should accompany the C-3 when a loan is disclosed | Use Schedule Au to report Auction Proceeds

Accelerated Reporting

During the last week before the primary election and the last three weeks before the general election, a committee must deliver the C-3 or a special Last Minute Contribution Report to the PDC within 48 hours of receiving $1,000 or more from a single source.


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  1. Spend money from the campaign account after getting the OK from the candidate, treasurer, or another individual who can authorize expenditures and is named on the C-1.  Deliver the receipt to the treasurer.
  2. Report the expense on a C-4, Campaign Summary Receipts & Expenditures.  Note that each C-4 report covers a specific period.  All expenditures made during the reporting period are included along with a recap of the deposits made.
  3. A separate schedule will accompany the C-4 to disclose types of transactions:
    1. Schedule A - recaps deposits and shows expenditures.
    2. Schedule B - lists in-kind contributions, pledges, and debt
    3. Schedule L - discloses loan payments, loans still owed, and forgiveness

Accelerated Reporting

During the last week before the primary election and the last three weeks before the general election, a committee must deliver a special Last Minute Contribution Report to the PDC within 24 hours of giving a contribution of $1,000 or more to a particular campaign.




Reports should be reviewed before they are filed to make sure the dates, amounts, and other information is accurate.  During this review, compare the report to the deposit slip or bank statement and make sure that the amounts match.  Correct any discrepancies before the report is filed.  The PDC understands that mistakes might happen even when great care is taken, or a campaign may decide to refund a contribution.  Efilers will correct the original transaction and refile the report.  Because the C-4 reports show cumulative totals, any subsequent C-4 reports must be re-filed.  Vendor refunds are reported as adjustments.  Step-by-step instructions for corrections and refunds are included in the ORCA software's frequently asked questions.