Posted on
June 26, 2019

The amount that your party may donate to your election campaign depends on how many registered voters there are in the jurisdiction where you're running.

If you don't have that number entered into ORCA, even a one dollar contribution will make ORCA say that the party gave too much.

The number of voters in every legislative district or county is available from a chart here. If you need the number of voters in your city, school district, or whatever district the office is in, contact the PDC by phone or email and we'll get that number for you.

When you have the number of registered voters in the jurisdiction where you're running, open your ORCA campaign, click on File on the upper left, then Committee Information. On the committee information screen, click on Campaign Limits from the options on the left. There's a place on that screen to enter the number of registered voters. Once you do, ORCA will have the contribution limits for party committees to your campaign.

These limits are per election cycle, meaning they are the amounts the party committees can give during the period from January 1st after the last general election for that office through December 31st of your election year.

When considering the contribution limit for a legislative district or county committee, it is important to remember that those two types of committees share a contribution limit. As such, if there are three county committees and one legislative district committee, all four committees cannot contribute a combined amount over $.50 per registered voter.