Posted on
July 29, 2020

If your committee is involved in the primary election, the C-4 reports are due monthly early in the year, but starting in June, there are special reporting periods. To get the right C-4 reporting periods in ORCA:

Open the ORCA campaign. Click on "File" on the upper left, then "Committee Information."

File committee information path screen shot

On the committee information window, click on "C4 Reporting Periods" from the options on the left.

Click on C4 reporting periods screen shot

From the options on the right, click the circle next to "Participates in General Ballot." This will give you the correct pre- and post-primary C-4 reporting periods, as well as the pre- and post-general reporting periods.

Click the OK button at the bottom to close the window.

NOTE: If your candidate campaign or ballot measure committee is only appearing on the general (not on the primary ballot), please make sure to choose "Participates in General Only Ballot."