C-4 due

Report for the period July 17 through July 30.

Note:  Candidates not on primary ballot and committees not participating in primary election file July C-4 report on August 10 instead.

Session freeze begins

During a regular legislative session, the 30 days before it starts, and during any special session a legislator or state executive office holder may not solicit or accept campaigns contributions:

T-1 due

Annual conflict of interest statement that discloses whether a public treasurer invested funds under his or her control in an institution in which the treasurer holds an office, directorship, partnership, or ownership interest.  Required to be filed by treasurers of a:

  • county,
  • public utility district,
  • port, and
  • city or town with a population exceeding 1,000.

File now.

Special Reporting of Large Contributions Ends

Candidates and committees file last minute contribution report within 48 hours of receiving $1,000 or more, in the aggregate, from a single contributor during October 16 - November 5, inclusive.  Efiling a C-3 report within the 48 hour window that discloses the contribution satisfies the fiing requirement.

Committees file LMC within 24 hours of giving $1,000 or more, in the aggregate, to a particular recipient during the week.

C-3/C-4 due

Report for the month of November.  Applies to primary and general election campaigns (all years) and continuing committees.