Ticket Number: 
Christopher Hurst
Citizens for Better Enumclaw (Karen Jensen)
Created Date: 
November 12, 2015
Status of Investigations: 
Dismissed with Concurrence of the Chair

The complaint alleged that Citizens for a Better Enumclaw (CBE) sponsored an electioneering communication on or around October 6, 2015 that failed to include proper sponsor identification, that was not timely reported as an electioneering communication, that was not timely reported on political committee C-4 reports, that was an over-limit in-kind contribution to Darrel Dickson's 2015 re-election campaign for Enumclaw City Council, and that included a false statement of material fact about Kimberly Lauk, a 2015 candidate for Enumclaw City Council.  The complaint also alleged that CBE refused to properly make its books of account available for inspection during the eight days before the November 3, 2015 general election.