Ticket Number: 
Roger Lenk
Barbara Johnson; Corey Pearson; Perfect Privacy, LLC; Dave Retter; Kris Watkins
Created Date: 
December 3, 2017
Status of Investigations: 
Assessment of Facts


  • Alleged Violation of RCW 42.17A.555 by Kennewick Public Facilities District (KPFD) officials (Barbara Johnson, KPFD President; and Corey Pearson, Executive Director of The Link Entertainment Center) by using KPFD facilities to establish and maintain a website at www.thelinktc.com that promoted the passage of Proposition 17-4, a ballot measure on the 11/7/17 general election ballot.  Alleged use of public facilities to review ad buys made by Focalpoint in support of Proposition 17-4.
  • Alleged violation of RCW 42.17A.205, .235, and .240 by Perfect Privacy, LLC, Dave Retter, and Kris Watkins by creating and operating an unregistered political committee that sponsored political advertising and promoted passage of Proposition 17-4.