Ticket Number: 
Maxford Nelsen
Faith Action Network
Created Date: 
January 18, 2018
Status of Investigations: 
Case Closed with Written Warning

This complaint alleged that Faith Action Network violated RCW 42.17A.255 for failure to timely file C-6 report of independent expenditures/electioneering communications. PDC staff reviewed the allegation and found that, in this instance, failure to timely file the C-6 report within 5 days after making an independent expenditure does not amount to a material violation warranting further investigation. Pursuant to WAC 390-37-060(1)(b), Faith Action Network received a written formal warning concerning its failure to timely disclose independent expenditures with express advocacy in support of ballot propositions during the 2017 election cycle. The formal written warning included staff's expectation that Faith Action Network will file timely and complete reports in future years in accordance with PDC laws and rules. The Commission will consider the formal written warning in deciding on further Commission action if there are future violations of PDC laws or rules. The PDC dismissed the matter and did not conduct a more formal investigation into this complaint or pursue further enforcement action in this case.