Ticket Number: 
Chris Hurst
Darrel Dickson
Created Date: 
July 7, 2016
Status of Investigations: 
Scheduled for Full Commission Hearing

complaint alleges that Darrel Dickson was involved in helping design and
facilitate two mailings sponsored by Citizens for a Better Enumclaw (CBE) as
Independent Expenditures, resulting in Mr. Dickson
accepting over-limit in-kind contributions to his 2015 re-election
campaign for Enumclaw City Council against Kimberly Lauk. The complaint
further alleges that Mr. Dickson may have helped fund a website
that supported his campaign, and an on-line publication, THe Enumclaw Echo, resulting in unreported in-kind contributions.
The complaint further alleges that Mr. Dickson may have failed to report the
receipt of the in-kind contributions.