Ticket Number: 
Will Knedlik
Sound Transit
Created Date: 
January 10, 2017
Status of Investigations: 
Dismissed by Commission

The complaint is a 45-Day Citizen Action Complaint filed by Will Knedlik on November 17, 2016, alleging that Sound Transit Officials, and Josh Benaloah, and Pat McCarthy, have used the facilities of Sound Transit to promote Sound Transit 3, a measure on the November 8, 2016 general election ballot. He is also alleging that Sound Transit staff or its contracted lobbyists deceived legislators into believing Sound Transit was asking for only $15 billion in new taxing authority in 2015, instead of $308 to $345 billion.  Mr. Knedlik is asking the Attorney General or the King County Prosecutor to file civil litigation to compel a reballoting for the Sound Transit 3 ballot measure due to: (1) "Extremely egregious and extensive misuses of government assets which influenced the results of the election;" and (2) "Gross abuse of local, regional and state taxpayers."