Compliance Training: Candidates & Political Committees 9 a.m. - noon


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Know when and how to register a campaign,
  • File accurate and timely campaign disclosure reports,
  • Understand who can contribute and which contributors have limits,
  • Know what to include in a political advertisement, and
  • Comply with Washington State's campaign finance laws.


711 Capitol Way, Rm 206, Olympia, Washington

Database / Query system project participation

If you would like to be involved in defining the next generation of PDC data access, please let us know by answering the following questions.


Select one or more projects where you would like to be part of the team and commit to meeting with us in-person or on-line for roughly 90 minutes every two weeks for the duration of the project.

C-3/C-4 due

File a C-3 report for each bank deposit made in the previous month and a C-4 report that covers the previous calendar month.  (February and April ballot measure committees have different reporting deadlines.)